Monthly Horoscope

Meda Rasi

There is ample positive luck on your side and you can rest assured that the month will yield great results. There will be resolution of long-standing disputes. There might have been ample pressure on you until now and there are chances that there will be release of some steam. However, then again, work will see a lot of pressure, be careful to handle it well. You will be in for a lot of responsibilities. In case, there have been ailments of late affecting your stomach, there will be relief and good riddance. There will occur a conjunction of Venus and Mars in the 12th house since 27th January. There on, you will see some obsession and passion seen in the love life you have. You might experience tinges of aggression as well. This will help you become more direct about your desires; there will be additional expenses on your partner as well. Saturn will change its sign by the 26th of January and will transit into the 9th house. There will be no sudden changes but there will be ample improvements in terms of hurdle relief. Aries Monthly Horoscope for Career: You will see profitability from the business front. If you are employed, you will see a hike in salary too. There will be scope to shed off controversies as well as accusations at work. You will have to maintain a calm mind and steady hand to tackle problems cautiously. Aries Monthly Horoscope for Love and Marriage: Ariens will find love in January. There will be THAT special someone waiting for you this month. You have to be careful though since there could arise small conflicts. Your bond with your partner will see improvement. Aries Monthly Horoscope for Money and Finance: in terms of finances, you will have ample positively. There will be a rise in financial prospects as well. You will have the ability to pay back loans with somebody’s help as well. You will have to watch your expense log. In general terms, this month will be a steady one for sure. Aries Monthly Horoscope for Health and Family: For the Ariens, health will be a happy state to deal with. There could be minor issues with the stomach. It is mandatory that after all the treatment, you still have to maintain some cautious approach towards health.

Edava Rasi

There will be enough parts in your life that demand immediate attention. You will have to be wary of your domestic life, your health as well as your career. Rahu is sitting snugly in the 4th house, this month. Moreover, Mars will also be hovering over the same house. You will have new interest to buy new property abroad this month. Pay attention to your mom’s health and make sure you maintain cordiality in your relationships with her. There is a conjunction of Sun and Saturn coming up in the partner 7th house. You will have to work on your interpersonal relationship with your partner. The month might seem to make you fall for somebody. However, you might be too stubborn as well. Jupiter is favourable this month and thus, you will have to work on improving your prospects for income. Watch your expenses as well to avoid overspending. There are chances of travelling aborad and if done, this will lead to great returns. Taurus Monthly Horoscope for Career: The Taureans need to understand that their career front needs a lot of work this December and there could be disappointments in store as work, however, you will also see improvement in terms of returns of work done by the middle of the month. Your co-workers will have a lot of mood swings and thus, you will have to anticipate unpredictability. Taurus Monthly Horoscope for Love and Marriage: You might encounter certain hurdles in your love life. Conflicts could be a killer. For married peeps, you might need to ease off crease where you are experiencing clashes. Taurus Monthly Horoscope for Money and Finance: there will be steady money flow but then, that never should make you lax about finances. You will have to check out your expense log before taking any impulsive decisions in terms of purchases. Taurus Monthly Horoscope for Health and Family: Personal health might see some off handedness. You will have to work carefully towards maintaining harmony in your family as well. Avoid conflicts and try getting past issues with a forgive-forget attitude.

Midhuna Rasi

The New Year is here and we are all experiencing some blues from the weekend party scene. For the Gemini, or the Twins, there has to be more efforts that have to be put in round the year to sail through happily. This January is bound to be positive for you and you will actually see that your power and strength gets an automatic boost. Make sure you take challenges by the horn. Interestingly, there is a Mars-Venus conjunction set to take place by the 27th of this month. The conjunction will mean good developments for your business. Therefore, you may expect an increase in income as well. The positively of this conjunction lies in the fact that you will get a number of prospects to travel abroad. Then again, the transit of the planets will cause some delay in your marriage plans. There will be delays in some new beginnings as well.

Karkidaka Rasi

The New Year weekend called for ample partying and by now you must have woken to all those astrology predictions that are happening in hordes today. For all the Cancerians out there, you need to know that you will have to work on your tone and attitude to see better prospects at work. You will have to watch your attitude since you have to work through the year with a sharp analytic bend of mind and observation. Kick off the year with the interest to be self dependent. The month of January will see the conjunction of Mars and Venus in the 9th house. Therefore, you will see more growth in terms of career and opportunities for business. There is a huge chance that you find the dream job. Saturn will see some change and transit into the House number 6. This will bode well for your health if you have been suffering from some chronic disease. The year will begin on a good note. The career part will see some confusion this month that will persist in the workplace. The seniors at work will be helpful and you can expect smoothness on this front at least. You will have scope to consider a new route on the career front. You may have some bump up in existing projects or job. In case you have feelings for somebody, you might actually have to get it cleared up. Go ahead and expect a yes in reciprocation too. Marriage could be on the cards too. In case you have faced creases in your existing married life, you will iron these out and sail through pretty smoothly January is a month that might not be great for finances. You will have to control your impulsive spends and therefore, could end up saving ample. Investments you have made earlier will yield good returns too. Moreover, you can keep on investing in speculative funds this month. You will enjoy great health in January and this will equip you with better scope to perform. Your overall familial bonds will be happy and you will have a lot of time for leisure too. Make sure you give efforts into improving your relationship with your siblings. January will bring in peace and satiation his month. January will signal a new beginning and provide great opportunities to make the best deal out of the year.

Chinga Rasi

Off to a mediocre start—that is what January will bring in for the Leos out there. You will have major improvements on the stamina bit of your personality. You will have a little discomfort at home but overall, matters such as those related to inheritance and the like will clear off soon. For all the Leos, the best thing to know is that on January 27th, you will have the Venus Mars conjunction happening in the 8th House. However, on the love front, you might not get great results this month, make sure you steer clear of being aggressive in January lest you lose out on a stable relationship. There could be blockades in the way of new plans and this can be attributed to Saturn’s transit on January 26th in the 5th house. Career wise you will see growth and new inroads. You will also get new influx in terms of work and you will be satiated with your work performance. Make sure you give your business establishment goals a thought this month and with the stars in favour, the right efforts will yield great results. Someone who likes you might approach you for a relationship this month. You might not actually benefit by turning him or her down. You will most likely end up all romantic with this person later on. January is a healthy month for relationships you already have, made sure you give your partner space. Keep working your way in the relationship by letting anger away. Your marriage too will see a lot of confusions of late but use communication to erase these out. January is a great month for matters of money too. You will see a ruse in income as well as a gradual propensity to spend on luxury items. Speculative activities and investments will see better returns than ever. Those who are part of business will have to avoid beginning new deals after 27th of this month. : You health might see some off-turn. Your old diseases might trigger issues. Your family will be with you though and you will sail through this quickly. Pay attention to health, family and money as the year begins. There will be betterment across all aspects but then again, it is better to stay tuned in and watch your step first.

Kanni Rasi

The first month of the year will be eventful. The stars will create newer scopes for a lot of stuff and you will gain amply in terms of social status too. You will actually want to work on your quality of relying on others since this might cause you to lose out on success. Being lazy will not help you either. Make sure you end up becoming self reliant instead of trusting others to get things done for you. Venus and mars will come into your 7th house in conjunction, on January 27th. Once this is done, you will begin to expect more off your partner. Additionally, the conjunction will see new income sources coming out. Saturn will transit into the 4th house post 26th January this year, which will mean that you might have an unanticipated disease with your health. This will also cause a long delay in dispute resolution. Individuals who are part of a business will see their efforts paying off. On the other hands, even those drawing salaries might see new incentives happening. You might have to travel overseas for expanding a business project or for work. This month will be smooth for your love life. You will have to maintaining peace in the relationship and you will see a lot of old disputes being settled this month. For those who are already married, January will be a happy month in terms of intra-personal relationships. You will have a romantic bond. Make sure you avoid excess arguments that will eventually lead to disputes. You will be probably spending on your partner this month. There will arise scope to inherit something too. Fiscal stances will take an upbeat thanks to short term investments maturing. Make sure you steer clear of new investments since these could bring in losses. Minor health slips might trouble you through January. There are chances you have aches on your body, your familial life too might see some ups and downs. There might arise clashes and thus, you will have to deal with these thorns with ease and maturity. Be on your guard and give yourself some time this month so that you can schedule how the year will flow through. As a Virgo, you already are great at scheduling and thus, this is no real deal for you.

Thulam Rasi

What lies in your stars make life easy or peasy on earth? While some people might not swear by this, there is barely a body who will not take interacting in monthly horoscope or astrology reports. Take a look at the Libra monthly horoscope and understand how well your month will go as the cold sets at a high. As January began, the Librans seems to have much imagination at work. You will get a lot of perturbations in case you do not tie these thoughts down. The best bit is if you are focussed, think pragmatically and execute the same, the month will be a bumper! There will be ample time to explore hobbies too, there will be minor loopholes but then, a mixed bag is a good option always. There will take place a Mars-Venus conjunction in the 6th house on the 27th of this month. You will see a lot of unexpected scopes for work and career growth. You will also get off backdated loans. By the end of the month, you will see Saturn entering the 3rd house. There will be a chance that you delay things but then again, you have to be strict on an individual note here. There will be a number of non-productive activities that January might go waste on. However you have to up your concentration levels now. Luck will be in your court and therefore, minor errors can be rectified with ease. Be cautious when at work! Librans will see love this month. You will have a great time in your partner’s company –this applies to both married and non-married folks. You will actually end up having a short vacay. Have a cosy and snugly romance this month with your spouse. Avoid long terms plans for investments, there could be plausible difficulties if you get a loan or take instalment- based vehicle. Ward off over-expenditure too. Do not ignore your finances and the need to maintain the right balances on the right track this month. You will have decent health in the month January. In terms of care and support, your family will always be there, there will be peace and satisfaction in your domestic life, there could be chances that you also end up abroad for studying. There will be pals and family accompanying you in this regard as well.

Vrichika Rasi

As a Scorpion, you are a gifted individual of a rare breed. You have several amazing talents hidden in you which you will invest effectively to impress others. You will always find ways to win the attention and admiration of people around you especially in your workplace. This will help set yourself apart from other individuals and pave way for your success. At the same time, you will have to take that extra effort to overcome the afflictions in your personal life. Scorpio monthly horoscope predictions will help you plan for the month ahead. You will always long to get the care and concern of your close friend. Any troubles in your relationship will displease you and put you under grief. Therefore you must work hard to mend this personal side of your to stay happy and balanced. You are a born musician and will be able to make it your cherished and successful profession if you wish. You always like to accept challenges and would like to participate in competitions so willingly to prove your talents. Some of the most interesting professions that will suit you best are related to water sports and dramatics though you will be able to prove your unique gifts in any vocation you take up. Here are the Scorpio monthly horoscope predictions by expert astrologers. Get the necessary guidance here to plan for this month and decide what to do, what to avoid and know what to expect so that you will plan meticulously for the month in front of you.

Dhanu Rasi

agittarius will see a lot of positives this month. That is the best news to begin a piece on Sagittarius monthly astrology report or astrology blog with. The planets are all working in the Sagittarians’ favour and will bring great success all throughout January. This is the month wherein you will be rewarded and valued for stuff you did before. There will be a certain sense of happiness following you all throughout January. Then again, be prepared to stop over indulging in thoughts and anxieties. This is the right time to stop worrying over the trivialities and keep no stress in mind. The month will see a conjunction of Venus and Mars on the 27th. This will lodge in the house of domestic happiness—number 4. You will have chances of purchasing something new—either a home or even a vehicle. The majority money for this will come from your own savings. In case, you are settled abroad or even far from your native place, there are good chances that you come back to where you originally belong, by the end of this month. There will be an overflow of energy to do something vital and positive. In terms of career, your prospects will receive a positive pump up this month. There will be acceleration of growth and you will also see an enhancement in income through the month. There will be ample support from the seniors and you will find a lot of appreciation too. This will lead to great levels of progress at work. In this context, the Sagittarius individual will face some confusion. There will be chances that newly formed liaisons go through some issues. This will also cause the possibility of a mind drift away from the same. The love angel will be off and on this month but then for Sagittarians who are married, the month will provide you with ample opportunities to get married. In terms of the moolah story, you will earn a lot but will equally indulge. This will not cause debts in your wallet but then again, you will have to see that the money is also put into the right channels. There will be some goody good investments that you might end up making in January. in this context, you have to be geared for the possibility that your heath could see minor wrecking, there might be familial distress too. This might cause a drift between relations within the family. Try working a balance to maintain a level of cordiality at the least. Make sure you avoid inflating small issues to escalate into huge fights!

Makara Rasi

Capricorns can be at peace in January. The monthly horoscope or astrology report is positive and then again, you have to realize that the month will not give you huge scopes for improvisation. You need to know that working on your body language will yield great results. Moreover, there could be an opportunity to travel abroad this January too. Make sure you are not too sarcastic or harsh with your closed knit circles lest you manage to turn them off. The Capricorn monthly report gives you an impetus to work on your present-ability and boosts the possibilities of positives for the year. Saturn will shift to the 12th house on 26th of January and this will create a scope for travelling overseas. This transit will be vital since it will give you scope to make good deals or investments as well. Nevertheless, you must steer clear of making bad commitments post this transit. In addition, Venus will conjunct with Mars on the 3rd house on the 27th of this month. You will see that your focus is gradually shifting to the romance or love factor instead of the work departments. There will be chances that you wander around with your better half as well. This phase will help you improve your income and therefore, creating work life balance is important. In case you keep continuing on your present job, you will have a lot of stability this year. However, there might be a scope to get something new too. In case you are part of a business, you will have ample scope for expanding the same. You could find somebody attractive at your office. There will some work involved in avoiding illicit relationships. There will be temptations galore but it is on you to avoid the same and keep being loyal. There will be thorough levels of investments that you can make this month. There will also be steady settling of your fiscal position. There could be some glitch in these terms as the month ends. Work towards controlling your current expenses first. You will have good health this month. There could be somebody new who would join your family as well. In case you have had a breakup with any relation, this could be the right time to reconnect the spaces. Family life will be peaceful overall but certain edginess will limit the overall happiness. Stay alert!

Kumbha Rasi

Aquarius, the water bearer is expected to have a much perplexing time this month—as the year just unravels but then again, these perplexities will be easygoing to say the best. The Aquarian will have ample time to give his or her buddies. This will kill a lot of steam that generates from the tensions at hand. However, all Aquarians must steer clear of taking a new step on any ground. It is best to stay off from friends who might be mischief causing. There is also a risk that somebody might turn up as unfaithful among your friends. Read on your astrology report or monthly horoscope here. The month begins with the conjunction of Venus and Mars in the 2nd house. This event will occur on the 27th of this month. This will bring in a sudden influx of more income. You are expected to receive some great news in terms of your mom’s side. There will be a good rounding off of property-based investments too. Stay tuned in for some good news on this front over the next few days. Saturn will see a sign transition on the 26th of January. The planet will move into the 11th house for income. After this, there will be scope to travel abroad for business or work as well. There will also occur a Saturn transit into Sagittarius and this will be fruitful for research and gains. Your stars now point growth in terms of career. However, beware of checking up the competition at your workplace. You might be bothered with issues from a certain colleague. This is not the perfect span to change carer tracks. For getting right results, business people will have to work harder. Overall, the month of January will yield good returns but will need equal toil. This month will be good in this aspect. You can fulfil your partner’s desires. You will actually get more stability on this ground too. For married peeps, there will be limited time with you partner since work pressure will be enhanced. The aim will be to maintain a health balance between work and personal life. This time is ripe for matters of money. Your savings will improve and curbing losses will be a good thing. Past investments will bring good returns. For new stuff, go in for short term plans exclusively. There will be complications of health through the month of January. You will suffer headaches too. Get an eye check-up done. Family life is expected to be peaceful. Past issues will be untangled this month.

Meena Rasi

When it comes to January, Pisceans will have some ample stuff to bear with. Now that does not mean that the Pisces monthly horoscope or astrology report is necessarily poor. Instead of simply thinking over, read up the complete report now. For once, you will have to be on the alert mode this entire month. There will be chances that you become embroiled in stuff that is not legal as well. There will raise a scope to travel but that will not really yield great results. On the 27th of January, there will occur a conjunction of Mars and Venus. This will lead you to have exalted desires. The conjunction will be beneficial to those Pisceans who are married. However, exercising caution in terms of how intense you are is very vital. You will have to give time to your partner this month. One more key event will be the transit of Saturn into the 10th house. This will happen on the 26th of the month. Buying a house as planed might see more delays. January will help you round off certain edgy bits about your career well. You will have the right zeal to work as well as become independent. Moreover, there are chances that you will look to your dad for advice. There will be chances also of having a promotion but that will enhance your workload more than you thought. Avoid betraying your partner since this could lead to far reaching consequences. There will be ample opportunity to spend great time with your partner. If you are single, there will barely be many prospects for marriage in January. For married folks, the understanding level will be upped and you will actually have more romance. There might occur few losses in terms of finances. This month is not the best time to send someone help in monetary terms. There will be squandering—that leads to fiscal issues. You will be fit but there could be ailments that might cause trouble for your dad. Make sure you give this issue some time. Make sure you are boosted positively and have the right attitude—to sail through the month smoothly.