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know about Aroor Madhusoodhana Panicker

The Kaniyamveli house is an ancient Jothisha family located at Aroor, near Sri Karthiyani Devi temple in ​​the northern end of Alappuzha district. This is an ancient family where famous Astrologers lived and they were expert in Traditional treatment, Astrology, Magic etc. Astrologer Madhusoodana Panicker also follows the footsteps of his ancestors in astrology and Traditional treatment. This house is also known as “Vasishta Griham” as it is blessed by the great rishi Vasishta.

This house become famous because of the blessing of “Vasishta Maharshi”. An ancient scholar from the northern side of kerala named Itti Panicker, came to this place and build this house. He is considered as the Acharya of this house even today. Every day this scholar is respected with poojas and every day started with lighting a lamp in the memory of this Acharya. Raman, Krishnan and Parameswaran are the next generations in the family.

Famous astrologer Aroor Sreedhara Panicker was born and become famous in Samhitha Astrology System (a branch of astrology) from here. Samhitha is a book obtained by great rishis from Himalayan valleys. Samhitha can tell about the past and present and it can predict the future also. This book is now referred by his son Sri Madhusoodana Panicker. After Haridwar, Rishikes, Badrinath this system is following here only. Astrologer Madhusoodana panicker read the samhitha and predict future. One of his ancestors read Vasishta Nadi (Vasishta Samhitha - The book related to rishi Vasishta) and his father Sreedhara Panicker handled Bhrigu Samhitha.

Madhusoodana Panicker referring Vasishta Nadi, because he might have born in Vasishta Kula horoscope. This book should be handled with honesty and devotion. When other branches of astrology discuss about Nimitham, Prasnam, Sathru Dosha, Badha Dosha etc. where Samhitha system reveal the secrets of life and help to finding good times. It leads to find the answer for “who we are ? Where we came from ? and for what ? etc.” People believe that this place is always blessed with the presence of Vasishta Maharshi, who knows our difficulties, who give advices at the right time. Because of his presence people get calm and relaxed when enter here with devotion.

People who have got a chance to visit this place, where the presence of Vasishta Sreekrishna, Lakshmi Devi and Sree Mahadeva are most lucky in their life.